August 19, 2020


Every ReCreate garment that is purchased online is packaged into a cotton drawstring bag to protect it during shipping. Each bag is made from recycled cotton and it is our hope that they will have a long and useful life, well after your garment has arrived.

Over the years we have heard of many different ways that our customers reuse their bags, and here we share with you our favourite ideas, as well the tried-and-tested uses from members of our own team.

Travel. These bags are ideal for storing items when you're away from home. Underwear, socks, shoes, toiletries... it's the perfect way to keep things nicely organised inside your travel bag.

Discreet storage. We all have things that we like to keep tucked away in our top drawers and wardrobe shelves. Pop them inside your drawstring bag for extra privacy.

Out-of-season storage. Organise your wardrobe between seasons. Pack away your gloves and scarves in summer, and your swimsuits during the colder months.
Electrical cables. No-one likes a tangled mess of wires. This bag is just the right size for tidy storage of your electrical spares, headphones and chargers.

Hairdryers and straighteners. This is just another great way to keep those long, untidy cords neatly stored away in between uses.

Produce. Whether you're shopping at the farmer's market or the supermarket, our bags are lightweight for carrying your fruit and vegetables, and are easy to wash when needed.

Kitchen and pantry. Our drawstring bags are breathable, and will keep your produce or fresh bread nicely stored until you're ready to eat it.

Lunch bag. We use our bags for sustainable mealtimes on the go... just throw in your reusable cups, containers, cutlery, straws, and of course your favourite snacks.

Kids toys. Little people are often accompanied by their favourite things. Store and carry their toy cars, balls, dolls, colouring pencils and books with ease.

Gifting. We love it when our customers share the love by sharing our story. By using your ReCreate drawstring bag to wrap a gift, package up home baking or pass along some delicious homegrown lemons or feijoas, you are helping us to have an even greater impact by spreading the word about how we are transforming lives through our garments.

Want a drawstring bag of your own? Simply shop online and your new ReCreate garment will be beautifully packaged into one.