Goel Community

Takeo, Cambodia

Traditional craftsmanship and sustaining healthy local economies are the founding values of Goel Community — an organisation that exists to strengthen the rural Cambodian community where they work.

Small Beginnings

It all started in 2006 with a young Cambodian woman who didn’t want to work in a garment factory — a fate of many young women from her village in rural Takeo. She was concerned about the unfair and unsafe working conditions that plague Cambodia’s garment production sector, and the long daily commute that meant many hours spent away from her children. Inspired by her story, Goel was formed with the aim of creating a viable and empowering livelihood for people in Takeo. Today, that young woman is one of their leaders. ​

Why We Love Them

The primary focus of Goel is reviving the traditional Cambodian skill of hand weaving. Once a thriving industry, much of this skill was lost during the tragic years of civil war. Now, this skill is once again apparent in their unique and beautiful fabric, which is dyed using natural plant materials sourced locally in Cambodia. We have worked with this fabric for many years, so it was an easy decision to expand our partnership to include their team of skilled garment makers.

Fairly Made

Goel Community is a Guaranteed Member of the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), committed to the highest fair trade principles. Every product is made with respect for people and the environment. 

Size Guide

XS / 8
S / 10
M / 12
 L / 14
XL / 16
Bust 82-86cm 87-91cm 92-96cm 97-101cm 102-106cm
Waist 67-71cm 72-76cm 77-81cm 82-86cm 87-91cm
Hip 92-96cm 97-101cm 102-106cm 107-111cm 112-116cm