Svay Pak, Cambodia

Through employment with AIM, women are empowered with a safe and sustainable job as they make a fresh start at life after being freed from the sex trafficking industry in Cambodia.


Human trafficking is prevalent in Cambodia. It is estimated that 261,000 people live in conditions of modern slavery in the country today. When AIM founders, Don and Bridget Brewster, heard that Cambodian children were being sold for sex every night, they couldn’t turn their backs on this issue. AIM was launched as a non-profit organisation with the aim of rescuing and rehabilitating trafficked girls and women, and taking steps to ensure that they are never trafficked again.


Through our partnership with AIM’s garment production centre, 100% of the income that they receive for their work is used to make a difference. Every member of their sewing team is provided with fair employment which includes a living wage, free childcare, healthcare, workplace meals, individual counselling, and more. All remaining profits are used to combat trafficking, whether it is through AIM’s dedicated rescue team, social workers, restoration home, children’s programmes or emergency care.


The community of Svay Pak, where AIM is located, is one with a reputation. For many years it was widely known as a centre for child sex trafficking. However, through their incredible efforts they have changed this community to a place of hope and empowerment. We are so proud to support them.