ReCreate is continually moving towards a more sustainable way of doing business, with regular reviews of our environmental management plan. It is our aim to minimise impact on the planet while providing fair employment that enables a better future for our producers. Strategies for sustainability include:

- Importing our garments using a climate neutral shipping service

- Shipping our online orders using plant-based courier bags that can be composted at home

- Packaging our garments in recycled, reusable cotton bags

- Using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) accredited paper and cardboard for all of our printed materials

- Using repurposed, recycled and recyclable cardboard packaging wherever possible

- Thoughtfully creating products consisting only of organic, natural and sustainably sourced materials

- Finishing our garments with recycled eco buttons and nickel-free, Standard 100 OKEO-TEX® trims

- Reusing fabric off-cuts and samples from garment production in order to minimise waste