Kampot, Cambodia

Founded on the principles that clothing should be produced in a way that embraces people and causes little harm to the environment, Dorsu was established to set an example within the garment industry.

The Story

Dorsu was started by two friends, Kunthear Mov and Hanna Guy, who wanted to build “something” that proved business could be kind. Through their unique Cambodian-Australian partnership, they developed a garment manufacturing brand based on the values of openness and honesty — a business which has flourished and continues to embrace these principles today.

A Big Vision

Cambodia is one of the largest producers of clothing globally, employing over 700,000 workers and accounting for approximately 80% of the country’s total export revenue. Garment workers are subject to harsh and often dangerous working conditions, with long working hours, low pay and unsafe transport to and from factories. Through running a safe, fair and supportive garment production space, Dorsu empowers its workers to learn and grow in an environment that supports them as individuals and as skilled workers. Providing an alternative enables workers to seek better conditions, demand the protection of their rights and pave the way for large-scale industry change.

Focus On Quality

Dorsu’s progressive business model means that the entire production process is undertaken in one space, enabling them to maintain impeccable quality, consistency and ethics. We consider it a privilege to work with them.