ReCreate Workshop

ReCreate Workshop
Chom Chau, Cambodia

The production of ReCreate clothing provides fair employment for our sewing team, empowering them to protect their families, gain a lifelong skill and embrace hope for a better future.


The ReCreate workshop, in the marginalised community of Dey Tmey, is home to our brand. It is a light and airy space on the top floor of a building — on the two floors below, our partnering non-profit organisation hosts medical clinics, children’s programmes and community meetings. It is a source of life, fun and constant activity.


At the heart of ReCreate we want to see lives transformed. That’s why the journey begins with full sewing training — so that each person can gain a lifelong skill to carry with them wherever they go. Training is available regardless of background or previous experience, with many of our team members having never completed a school education. A wage is paid so that students can support themselves and their family as they learn.


We are committed to providing fair and empowering employment to our sewing team. This includes living wages with the opportunity to earn matched savings every month, a 32.5 hour work week to ensure plenty of time for life outside of work, and paid holidays, sick leave, maternity leave and overtime. We are committed to supporting the individual journey of each person, whether this means the freedom to care for babies and young children on site, resources to send older children to school, or training in areas such as literacy and money management.

ReCreate Workshop