A Simple Story Of Natural Beauty

April 26, 2020

This season we introduced the beauty and simplicity of natural cotton to our clothing collection. We share with you the inspiring stories behind the creation of this fabric.

Artisan Handwoven Natural Cotton

We are absolutely inspired by the creators of our handwoven cotton - a social enterprise based out of the Takeo province of Cambodia. Their vision is to provide fair employment for rural families who are living in poverty, using the traditional Khmer skill of hand weaving fabric on a loom. During the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1970's, many traditional skills were lost as families were torn apart and millions of people died. However by reviving these skills through paid enterprise, families have been able to regain their livelihood.

After visiting some of the families at work, we had so much admiration for this enterprise that we have included their fabrics in every collection since our visit. We love their values such as fair wages, the ability to work from home, flexibility for mothers to work and care for their children at the same time, as well as an allowance for each child to progress through school to a university level.
 As a result of their incredible efforts, this enterprise has been recognised by the International Trade Centre (a joint agency by the United Nations and the World Trade Organisation) as providing an effective solution to poverty in rural Cambodia. They are also accredited by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). We are so proud to support them by creating garments using their beautiful, artisanal fabric.

Luxe Organic Natural Denim

Sourced from a mill in Thailand that specialises in denim, this natural cotton fabric is manufactured from 100% Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) sourced cotton. The journey of this cotton begins with land that is cared for with minimal impact from harmful chemicals, and the thoughtful stewardship of water. The farmers who pull the cotton are continually upskilled in areas such as responsible land use and biodiversity, while being guaranteed fair conditions and pay for their work.

Once the raw cotton arrives at the factory, it is sustainably milled using 100% recycled water in what would otherwise be a water-intensive process. We have then opted to work with the cotton in its natural un-dyed state, embracing the soft cream colour tone. After the cotton has been woven into fabric, it is then shipped by land across the border to Cambodia, where our sewing team has lovingly created a tailored selection of garments for this season's collection.

Shop now from our Autumn Winter 2020 Natural Cotton collection.

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