Interview | Jesse @foldinthemap
November 06, 2019

Interview | Jesse @foldinthemap

Fold In The Map | Photographer and Videographer in Melbourne

Meet Jesse, one half of Fold In The Map, a dynamic duo of travelling photographers who are passionate about storytelling, the great outdoors and caring for the environment.

Fold In The Map is a space for you to tell stories through visuals. What inspired you to become a photographer?
My partner Joe is a photographer, and my journey began in front of his camera. After learning a few tricks myself and showing a little promise, we decided that we’d love to start doing this together. We visit so many stunning places that it’s impossible not to want to take photographs. So he trained me up and here we are!

In what way do your personal values have an impact on your work and how you live?

I feel that over the past few years, my generation has become more environmentally conscious. Joe and I are always trying to keep that in mind and while we love exploring and adventuring, and are lucky enough to have a job that allows us to do that, we always make an effort to reduce our waste, leave no trace and reduce our carbon footprint.

Pillar Dress Black

What have been your top three places to photograph and why?

This is an incredibly challenging question to answer! There's something worth photographing in every place that I've been to, especially in a country that has as much natural beauty as New Zealand. But, if I had to narrow it down there are a few that stick out:

1. Milford Sound, New Zealand. Milford Sound has become one of my best-loved places on earth. Milford Sound has been called the ‘8th Wonder of the Natural World’ and once you get through the Homer Tunnel and down the mountain it’s easy to see why. Mitre Peak towers over the fiord and waterfalls crash down every cliff face. We went on a wet and misty day and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. It’s enchanting.

2. Isle of Skye, Scotland. I haven’t been back to the Isle of Skye since I was comfortable enough to call myself a photographer, but even then with my first ancient Canon, it wasn’t hard to capture its beauty. Skye almost feels like an alien planet. Full of myth and legend, it’s a place where I believe that magic genuinely exists. It’s a photographers playground and I can’t wait to go back.

3. My little house in Melbourne. Landscapes are great and will probably always be my favourite thing to photograph but there’s something comforting about capturing the mundane. The stovetop kettle boiling, the trees in the garden and the people I love unwinding; my house is my sanctuary.

Pillar Dress Black
What does ethical fashion mean to you?

Ethical fashion means that everyone involved in the process of making the clothing that I wear has fair wages and safe working conditions. It's fundamentally important to have an environmentally conscious process in the production and delivery of the clothing. Quality over quantity is so important too.

How do you engage with the ethical fashion movement?

I am based in Melbourne, a city famous for its high-quality op shops. There is almost no need to buy brand new clothing as the quality of second-hand clothing is so high. Aside from that, apps like Depop and Facebook Marketplace are great for finding specific items of clothing. As we become more environmentally aware, I think it’s important to consume less and when buying new clothing, I choose to support brands that are careful and considerate to our beautiful planet and the people who make our garments.

“As we become more environmentally aware, I think it’s important to consume less and when buying new clothing, I  choose to support brands that are careful & considerate to our beautiful planet and the people who make our garments.”

How would you describe your relationship with clothing and has it changed over the years?

Simply put, I love clothes. My style is how I choose to express myself. It has changed a lot since I was a teenager and will probably keep evolving. Nowadays, I spend so much of my time traveling and have had to learn how to pack light. I often need to wear the same garment up a mountain and then to a busy restaurant, so I only take good quality, multipurpose clothing with me on my travels.

If you could choose a few ReCreate pieces, what would they be and how do they make you feel?

The Array Handwoven Dress is one of my absolute favourites, but aside from that, it would have to be the Abbreviate Shirt and the Pillar Dress. The Abbreviate Shirt is super versatile; it’s a new take on the classic button-down and can be worn to work or out to brunch. I wore it playing around by the hot tub and it's as comfortable and relaxed as it is sophisticated. The Pillar Dress is so comfy; midi dresses have always been one of my favourite types of clothing and it was perfect for prancing around barefoot in the woods.  

“The Abbreviate Shirt is super versatile; it’s a new take on the classic buttondown and can be worn to work or out to brunch. It’s as comfortable and  relaxed as it is sophisticated.”

Do you have a treasured piece of clothing in your wardrobe and is it linked to a particular movement?

I have a beige corduroy jacket that I borrowed from my boyfriend the first time I went to New Zealand and flat out stole the second time we went. He bought it second hand (it doesn’t have any labels, but I’m pretty sure it’s from the ’90s) and since I stole it, it’s now at least 3rd hand. It reminds me of the (cold) summer I first spent in New Zealand which was probably the best trip I’ve had, and of course, repurposing something still in great condition is important to me as I’m making an effort to embrace the slow fashion movement.

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We had the best time working with ReCreate, these clothes are elegant and so comfy. Photographs were taken by @foldinthemap at a tiny house in the hills around Akaroa, NZ.

Jesse wears the Array Handwoven Dress in Mossy Grey, Pillar Dress in Black, Fuse Reversible Tank Top in Black Denim, Ease Shorts in Black Denim, Abbreviate Shirt in Black Denim and Array Dress in Soft Navy.