Interview | Erana @thecultureofgrace
December 17, 2019

Interview | Erana @thecultureofgrace

Meet Erana, co-founder of The Content Catchers and mum to five gorgeous girls. We talk ethical fashion, motherhood and Erana's passion for creating content!

You're a mum of five beautiful girls, what do you find most challenging and most enjoyable about being a mother?
Most challenging would be trying to cater to the different needs and personalities of five different kids. You think you can parent them all the same but you really can't. You're constantly adjusting and something that used to work might not work later! Most enjoyable is that we've created five little humans who we get to do life and have fun with. Watching them grow and learn is truly a joy. 

In what way do your personal values have an impact on your work and how you live?

I guess they're forever at the forefront and the back of your mind. They shape your decision making. You will make these decisions based on your values, so they will always shine through.

You're a co-founder of The Content Catchers, a content creation/social media/photography duo based in Whanganui. What inspired you and Jordan to open a business and what advice would you give to mums who are thinking of starting their own businesses?

Jordan and I started creating and photographing together as a hobby, which morphed into a little bit of side work and then we realised that there is a big want for content creating. Often businesses don't have the time and we love creating content for people to use and enjoy, without having to worry about it themselves. My advice would be, make sure it's truly something you love. You never want it to become a chore and then a burden on your family.

What does ethical fashion mean to you?

When I wear something that is made ethically, I really feel that. I feel that. It's meaningful for me because I feel like I know the story that has gone behind producing this and the personal nature is what touches me. 

How do you generally choose which brands to support? 

Relationship and story! I buy a lot through smaller businesses and I try to be mindful of the bigger chains I support. I'm not perfect, and I have five kids which brings a financial side into it as well for us, but I'm comfortable in that I always try to choose the best that I'm able to at the time. 

How would you describe your relationship with clothing and has it changed over the years?

It's really been a ride. Pre-25 years old I really had no concept of ethical and fairly made clothing. It never crossed my mind. Post-25, it's been a journey of discovery and trying to do my best within the seasons that I'm in. I've had seasons of extreme mindfulness and then seasons of really just surviving and making the best choice of a bad bunch. Right now I'm really in a place of quality over quantity for myself.

If you could choose a favourite ReCreate piece, what would it be and why?

The Arc Top is definitely my favourite. I love the cut, the style and how it goes well with anything! It makes me feel casual with a side of glam!  

Do you have a treasured piece of clothing in your wardrobe and is it linked to a particular movement?

I have an old-school ReCreate crew from one of the earliest releases that I'll never get rid of. I remember the day I got it. It has birds in the corner and always reminds me of the freedom that ReCreate brings to the people of Cambodia. And my Loyal Workshop pieces hold significance as well. 

Erana and her family.

Erana wears the Arc Top in Black, Gesture Skirt in Soft Navy and Tether Crew in Dusky Pink