Ethical Production

ReCreate clothing is ethically made in our sewing centre in the disadvantaged community of Dey Tmey, Cambodia. Established in 2013, the centre provides fair employment for our sewing team, predominantly women, empowering them to protect their families, gain lifelong skill and embrace hope for a better future.

We are committed to providing fair and empowering employment under excellent working conditions

  •  Living wages with the opportunity to earn matched savings every month
  •  A 32.5 hour work week to ensure plenty of time for family and life outside of work
  •  Full sewing training covering every step of the garment making process
  •  Additional training in areas such as money management, literacy and basic healthcare
  •  Paid holiday leave, sick leave, maternity care and overtime pay
  •  The opportunity to care for babies and younger children on site
  •  Support and resources to send older children to school
  •  A well ventilated, light and beautiful working environment


Our partner sewing centre in Svay Pak, Cambodia, assists with garment production and produces our screen prints. This centre not only matches our ethical production standards — they have also established themselves in a community that was previously known for sex trafficking. By offering rehabilitation, counselling, training and employment, they provide a fresh start at life to women exiting the sex trade, where in many cases they had been placed under forced circumstances due to extreme poverty. Through their incredible efforts they have changed this community to a place of hope and empowerment.