When designing our garments, we begin with the end in mind. For that reason, ReCreate clothing is fully circular. Our circularity model begins with conscious design. We only use quality organic and natural fabrics, and eliminate all convenience items such as zippers and trims that are difficult to recycle. 

The next step is to ReLove and RePair wherever possible — giving our clothing a second life with a new home, or some thoughtful mending.

Once a garment finally reaches the end of its life, we ReCycle. Through our partnership with The Circular Cotton Collective, we utilise a recycling technology that dissolves used organic cotton and other natural fibres into a biodegradable raw material. This is used to make new yarns for fabric production — closing the loop on the garment industry.

Traditionally, the lifecycle of a garment ends in waste. In fact, it is estimated that New Zealanders send 100 million kilograms of clothing to landfill each year. Circularity shifts us closer to approaching a waste-free industry, reducing the carbon emission created through textile and garment production, and lessening the heavy toll on landfills.

By joining us on our circularity journey, you ensure the softest possible footprint from the life of your garment — protecting our planet and those who live on it.