ReCreate is not just about meeting minimum ethical standards, we are committed to people and the environment. 

 We are passionate about ensuring that our garments are kind to the earth, as well as the people who make them
and are continually moving towards a more sustainable way of doing business, providing even more training and
employment opportunities at our sewing center in Cambodia each year.

By using strictly ethical and sustainable processes we positively impact and transform the lives of marginalised
people in Cambodia. Sourcing only the finest organic material for quality handmade clothing, we have also
chosen to partner with likeminded factories and businesses to ensure that our garments are
manufactured under excellent fair trade working conditions from crop to customer.

With new seasons come growth and this Spring we debut three of our
very own, perfectly consistent, ReCreate Signature Organic Fabrics:

ReCreate Signature Organic Cotton

ReCreate Luxe Organic Lightweight Denim

ReCreate Artisan Handwoven Cotton

Fabric Composition: 100% Organic Cotton

Country of Origin: Thailand

Uses: Tees, Dresses, Sweatshirts, Pants & Skirts

About this fabric:

Sourced from a mill in Thailand that specializes in cotton knit fabrics, ReCreate’s Signature Organic Cotton is available in a 150gsm GOTS certified
organic jersey knit and a 250gsm GOTS certified organic French terry.

The cotton crop is grown and spun into yarn in India before being sent to Thailand where it is knitted and dyed to our exact color specification.
Each step of the process is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Why we love this fabric:

Entirely GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified from crop to manufacturer

Sustainably milled in Thailand, which is the closest fabric manufacturing location to our sewing center in Cambodia, minimising the
environmental impact of shipping

Also features graphic prints designed in New Zealand by Charlie Jane Designs that are hand screen printed at our partner factory in Svay Pak,
Cambodia (read more here)

How it feels:

Incredibly lightweight and soft, with a luxurious drape and comfortable wear

Fabric Composition: 100% Organic Cotton

Country of Origin: Thailand

Uses: Shirts, Pants, Skirts, Dresses & Jackets

About this fabric:

Sourced from a mill in Thailand that specialises in denim, ReCreate’s Luxe Organic Lightweight Denim is manufactured from 100% BCI (Better
Cotton Initiative) sourced cotton, which is kind to the environment and people that make the fabric.

Also Standard 100 OKEO-TEX® certified, this organic woven denim is sustainably milled using 100% recycled water and is custom dyed
with chemicals that are gentle on the environment.

Why we love this fabric:

100% BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) sourced cotton

Standard 100 OKEO-TEX® certified

Manufactured using 100% recycled water

Dyed with chemicals that are not harmful to the environment

Sustainably milled in Thailand, which is the closest fabric manufacturing location to our sewing center in Cambodia, minimising the
environmental impact of shipping

How it feels:

Our specialty cotton fabric is lightweight and extra fine, this makes it our most versatile fabric, with a soft handle and cool,
comfortable wear

Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton

Country of Origin: Cambodia

Uses: Scarves

About this fabric:

Four years ago, we came across an inspiring business in Takeo Province Cambodia that provides fair employment for rural families
who are living in poverty. Reviving skills that were lost in the 1970’s Khmer Rouge Regime, this business rebuilt a lost cultural art
through sheer hard work.

By using traditional Khmer skills and techniques this paid enterprise gives families the opportunity to regain their livelihood by
offering fair wages, the ability to work from home, flexibility for mums to work and care for their children at the same time,
as well as support for children to progress from school to a university level.

Recognised by the International Trade Centre as providing an effective solution to poverty in rural Cambodia and certified
by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), our producers manufacture their fabric entirely by hand.

So, how is it made? The cotton is hand spun into thread and is then dyed using traditional Khmer dying techniques. These organic,
natural colour dyes are made using natural materials like local barks, vegetable skins and flowers with not a chemical in sight!

That makes it an amazing environmental practice that positively impacts lives! The thread is then handwoven on a loom.
Once the weaving is complete, the fabric is sent to our sewing center in Cambodia where it is sewn with care.

See images of the process below!

Why we love this fabric:

Creates a fair employment opportunity to people living in poverty and the master weavers can help care for wider family 

Made entirely by hand using Khmer techniques of hand spinning and hand weaving, which means that each piece of fabric is
unique and special to the weaver

Honours and keeps alive traditional artisan craft and ensures a new generation of people can appreciate it

Dyed using only natural materials

How it feels:

Gentle on the skin with a beautiful drape and soft handle

Hand spinning cotton into thread, whilst her baby sleeps in a hammock nearby.

Local bark used as a natural dye.                                                                                                                         Hand spun thread.

A 'master weaver' working at home. One weaver can provide employment for other family members through spinning and dyeing.

Hand weaving on a loom at the weaving center.

Size Guide

XS / 8
S / 10
M / 12
 L / 14
XL / 16
Bust 82-86cm 87-91cm 92-96cm 97-101cm 102-106cm
Waist 67-71cm 72-76cm 77-81cm 82-86cm 87-91cm
Hip 92-96cm 97-101cm 102-106cm 107-111cm 112-116cm